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Resolved! Dashboard with success rate of Synthetic Transactions

Is it possible to create a dashboard with a numeric value or gauge presenting the Succes Rate of Synthetic Transactions (Service Availability)?   In the Metric browser, both in Hardware Resources and Individual Nodes, i can find the Service Availabil...

Info by Creator
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Resolved! create a health rule with using three different health

Hi   I want to create a health rule with using three different health rule, also I want to use "or" and "and". My willing algorithm is, [ 1-(value of avarage response time greater than weekly trend baseline by 3 standard deviation and value of calls ...

Import custom dashboard as a war room template

I have a detailed dashboard built with numerous widgets. I am trying to see if this can be made into a war room template. Is there any way to import the saved json file of my dashboard into a war room template.

Resolved! Multiple Iframes widgets cause weird behavior

Hi Team,   I have a dashboard which hosts 5 Iframe widgets and the URLs working in the background provides the status of some probes from a third party system. The problem I am facing with the dashboard is, "The output of the probes are getting mixed...

Resolved! Audio alert for transactions crossing a threshold

I have a dashboard showing transaction performance against a 20 second threshold. This dashboard is displayed in out operations area. We would like to be able to have a the monitor displaying the dashboard to make an awful noise whenever the threshol...

jlyall by New Member
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