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Resolved! Finding Least Business Transaction Creators

Hello,   End Goal:  Be able to see which Nodes/Tiers/Segments generate the least amount of traffic including 0 traffic. Instead of the Top Business Transaction creators, I want to find the least.      Multi Context Environment where Segment0 are my w...

Resolved! Renaming a Tier in AppDynamics

Greetings,   Is there a way to rename a Tier in AppDynamics from the Web Console GUI?  We are running Java Agent v4.2.14.0, is modifying the Controller-info.xml is the only way to do this?   Thanks, Huy

my flow maps stopped automatically / dynamically updating

My flow maps seem to have stopped updating on my screen.  they used to update dynamically, now it is a still picture. anyone else see this? is there an option I may have turned off by mistake? I have restarted all of my tomcat agents and still nothin...

rvalenti by Explorer
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Resolved! Difference between Self time and total time

what is difference between a self time and total time taken ? when I hover over self-time it says : the amount of time taken in this method only and does not include time spent on any method it called" . What does this mean?  Any method in code is co...

Sysadmin type reports?????????

Hi   Does anyone know of a way I can get a list of all agents that are installed, not just per using the API to get them per application.  I can get a list of app agents and machine agents on the screen, but I cannot get these into a report.     As a...