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Is it possible to control access to dashboards that are shared via URL?


I have created several custom dashboards on the 4.4 platform (on-premise) and selected the option to share the URLs so they can be more easily viewed. I have found that these are not protected and that anyone with the URL can access them, though the webapp does throw a red security exception in the right corner saying "access forbidden", yet the data still loads. This is a concern as there are dashboards with financial data that must be secured. 


AppDynamics Team (Retired)



The URLs that are shared are available to everyone with the link. You can stop sharing through the custom dashboard configuration actions.


It sounds like you would like to prevent some users from viewing the dashboards from the shared URL while allowing others to view. I don't believe the configuration settings get that granular, but I will double check with one of our experts and ask them to respond here.




Thanks, Erin. Even if they are not shared through the URL I would like to have the ability to determine which user has access each individual dashboard. Some IT Ops employees need to access specific APM and performance dashboards, and executives need to access business metric dashboards derived from BusinessIQ but do not want to share that data across the organization. Please advise the best solution. 


Trevor Watson

InfiniteIQ Consulting

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Trevor,


I received confirmation that right now it is not possible to restrict access to a shared URL. Whoever has the URL can see what the original user can see, at a read-only level. You can turn off sharing but it's basically an on/off switch not tailored to any user's specific role. 


I'll see if I can forward this to our team as a feature request. I can't guarantee that it will get picked up or prioritized, but I'm sure it can't hurt.




The URL you shared is visible to every one and possible to access dashboards.