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Numeric Widget - Now automatically defaults to Large Number format


Since our upgrade to 4.4.1 we have noticed that mertics we have created using the custom widget builder that used to display the full value, ie 1,238,457 for example, now show as 1.24m  this means that we cannot use these for reporting purposes as an approximate value is of no use to us.  we need the true value.


I have exported the dashboard and altered "formatNumber": from true to false, but that has not done anything.  We really need the true value of these metrics not the rounded or approximate value!  is there a way of doing this?



AppDynamics Team

Hi Simon,


We could see you have created a zendesk ticket for this issue. Please track it on the same.




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Simon - This is what I was going out here and looking for. Can you update this thread with the findings? 

I have been informed by AppDynamics that this is by design.  So basically the dashboards no longer give an accurate view, they give an approximate view - really great for having faith in what you are actually visualising.  Yes you get the actual value when you mouse over the number - but that is not possible when you are displaying a dashboard on a kiosk screen outside of your TOC!