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Resolved! How to exclude EHCache from dashboard

Each of our microservices uses an in-memory ehcache.  Appdynamics is showing an ehcache icon on the dashboard for each service and monitoring 'put' traffic.  This is not something we are interesting in seeing and it is clutter on the dashboard.   I h...

Application Flow Map is not showing

Hi Team,   Please let me know what are the possible reasons , why application flow map (Under Application Dashboard) is not showing even after load test/transactions. What are the points which i need to check.

Display Customs Metrics using Wildcard in Dashboard

Hi, I am trying to setup a dashboard which would display customs metrics. Instead of selecting series one by one, I am trying to use wildcard selecting metrics. It works fine for Tiers/Servers/Business/Overall data but there I have not found a way to...

Resolved! Adding IaC machines to a dashboard

We have our production infrastructure being added via chef as vms, with the machine agents being installed via octopus. I have had a look at the api documentation, and it looks like I can download a dashboard, edit it as json /xml and reupload it, bu...

Resolved! Finding Least Business Transaction Creators

Hello,   End Goal:  Be able to see which Nodes/Tiers/Segments generate the least amount of traffic including 0 traffic. Instead of the Top Business Transaction creators, I want to find the least.      Multi Context Environment where Segment0 are my w...

Resolved! Renaming a Tier in AppDynamics

Greetings,   Is there a way to rename a Tier in AppDynamics from the Web Console GUI?  We are running Java Agent v4.2.14.0, is modifying the Controller-info.xml is the only way to do this?   Thanks, Huy

my flow maps stopped automatically / dynamically updating

My flow maps seem to have stopped updating on my screen.  they used to update dynamically, now it is a still picture. anyone else see this? is there an option I may have turned off by mistake? I have restarted all of my tomcat agents and still nothin...

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