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Time based health rules not possible?

Why doesn't AppD have time settings for health rules? Examples: "trigger alert only if threshold is breached every polling minute for X minutes" "trigger alert if threshold is breached X number of times in the last X minutes"   For business transacti...

Resolved! Can I schedue an On-Demand Report?

Hi,   There are many options available when it comes to an on demand report, hence I want a custom report to be scheduled on a daily basis. Please advise how can it be done. Thanks in advance.

Resolved! Possibility of a Summary Health Rule

Hi Team,   Just want to check if it is possible in AppDynamics to create a summary health rule which will be driven by multiple existing health rules with an option to change the status of the summary rule based on "And" or "Or" operation of all the ...

Resolved! Export of Workflow Diagram to Visio

I'm currently interested in taking my existing workflow  display and exporting this to a Visio diagram, However, I have yet to find a viable export option.   Even if I could export as a standard PNG (Or gif as that would allow motion).  The purpose i...

Resolved! Unable to add volume specific metrics to dashboards

I am not sure why you can't add things you can search for in the metric browser, but no data will show for stats such as this.   Application Infrastructure Performance|Root|Individual Nodes|<server>|Hardware Resources|Volumes|/var|Used (%)   Has anyo...

Resolved! Renaming Nodes

HI ALL, I am renaming Nodes in the Tiers & Nodes but my changes were not reflecting and it seems like i have to modify some config file. i only made changes in the UI for remaning Nodes. Could anyone let me know how i need to modify app agent configu...