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Dashboard with success rate of Synthetic Transactions


Is it possible to create a dashboard with a numeric value or gauge presenting the Succes Rate of Synthetic Transactions (Service Availability)?


In the Metric browser, both in Hardware Resources and Individual Nodes, i can find the Service Availability branche. below that there is a numbered list with all my Synthetic Transactions. All have 3 items, Response Size, Response Time and Success Rate. they all have data visible when selecting a time range.


But when creating a dashboard, i cannot access these metrics. In have looked in all possible widgets. the one getting close is a list of health rules, where the status gets green or red. From within a dashboard it seems the needed data is not available. am i doing something wrong, or is this by purpose?



You can, but I don't like the metric that is provided.


You have to add a widget and select the datasource as "User Experience - Browser Apps" , select the radio button for "Synthetic Jobs", then select your job.


Then when you add the metric in the next section, you will see all of the metrics available for Synthetic Jobs only. "Availability (ppm)" is the only metric that matches what you're asking for (as am I) and unfortunately it's in PPM not %. I can't find a way to reformat this metric either. I want a percentage value. Not a raw integer (ppm).


I'm escalating with my AppD implementation team as a feature request to have this added or corrected. I don't know who would want PPM.

And this got me agitated enough to dig further...


You can add a custom expression of Availibility (PPM) if you really want a percentage. AppDynamics UI will tell you that a metric expression is to compare two or more metrics. Not true. You can perform any math formula on a single metric.


Instead of a "Single Metric", choose "Metric Expression". Then add the "Availability (PPM)" metric and give it a name (I chose Available). 


Then in the expression box, add this:



Save that. Then back in the widget screen, set the format to ${v}% and you can also change if you want decimal places or not.



I'm on SaaS controller version 4.3.5.  I'd like my dashboard widgets to display up to 4 digits of accuracy, but it is defaulting to 2 digits.  I don't seem to have the 'Number Format' section in my metric widget.  Is this by design?

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