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Examine cluster health with Cisco Cloud Observability

Diagnose the cause of pending and stuck pods in your Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters Video Length: 2 min 23 seconds    CONTENTS | Introduction | Video |Resources | About the presenter   In this demo, follow along as Doug Lindee uses the relationsh...

240131_D Lindee_Cluster Health_b.png

Product Update, December 2023 (v23.12)

In December, v23.12 enhancements included Cisco Cloud Observability,  SaaS Controller and Agent enhancements, and On-premises Controller  upgrades. Product name change announcements  As of November 27, 2023, the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platfor...

Optimizing usability for evolving applications

Intelligent monitoring in a rapidly changing digital landscape   Video Length: 4 min 17 seconds    CONTENTS | Introduction | Video | Transcript | Resources In line with enterprise applications transitioning to the cloud, the need for simplified and...

OIA_Optimizing usability_2024 0117.png

FAQ: Simplified agent management and Smart Agent

Common questions and answers about simplified Agent Management with Smart Agent  This FAQ articulates some of the most common questions and answers about simplified agent management with the Smart Agent and the enhanced user interface, along with the...

Smart Agent: agent lifecycle management reimagined

Cisco AppDynamics unveils our robust new agent lifecycle management solution and its benefits  In November, we released a robust agent lifecycle management solution that leverages a Smart Agent which orchestrates the entire agent lifecycle management...

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Idea Exchange Submission Guidelines

What is the Idea Exchange? The Idea Exchange is a place for AppDynamics customers to share, vote, and discuss product enhancements that need innovative thinking. Once an idea is submitted, customers can vote and comment on each other's ideas. Here's...


Analyzing transaction scores due to increased users

Analyze Transaction Scores to understand the impact of increased user activity   Video Length: 2 min 43 seconds    CONTENTS | Introduction | Video |Resources | About the presenter   An increase in user activity can create a larger impact of degraded ...

YT_thumb_transaction scores_D Lindee.jpg

User permissions for Java Agent binaries

What user permissions must be granted when installing Java Agent binaries? While installing Java Agents, it is mandatory for the user running JVM to have certain access permissions for agent binaries. In this article, find an approach for assigning t...

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