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Resolved! Cluster Metrics using API

Hi I am trying to setup Cluster Monitoring and wish to integrate it with my Rest API scraper. Though, in the metric browser only hardware resources of cluster and containers are available. So in this case, metric API is not able to fetch the pod stat...


499 or 500 error for controller API

Hi Community,Our AppDynamics setup has multiple controllers, separated for environments. In all but one environment I can login successfully through basic auth.For this specific environment I receive '500 Internal Server Error' (Python script) or '49...

Data collection and getter chain query

Scenario :123 [abc xyz  11111 ]   I want to create a getter chain to collect the data in the middle of an array (xyz) where abc and xyz are dynamic . Could anyone help me to get the right getter chain to capture data in analytics.   toString().split(...

Reporting "Query Details"

Hello,How can I report certain "Query Details" just like we do in the Dashboard, in hourly/daily basis?I tried to find a way around it by creating a dashboard with iFrame using the target URL, but it contains a lot of un-needed contents, and I can't ...

Query Report - 2022-03-09_13-17-05.png DB Query Dashboard Result - 2022-03-09_13-25-44.png KhalidRehan_0-1646826415024.png