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File extension with cluster agent


Hi Team,


We have successfully integrated File Extension from Appdynamics/file-monitoring-extension: The AppDynamics File Watcher Extension can be used to provide...


But now we moved to Machine Based agen to Cluster Agent. I want to know how can we deploy the existing extensions in cluster Agent.



Vinay Kumar



Hi Vinay


When you moved to a Kubernetes platform, as you see the deployment differs from the regular/legacy way of deploying the agents.


The machine agent will be running as a Daemonset  within the K8S cluster, and it will pull a machine agent image by default from the docker repository that AppDynamics provided.


You have a lot of different ways to get the extensions  deployed.


1. You can download the official AppD machine agent docker image from the docker repository, and then create a custom docker image, where you add the relevant config/extensions into the image, and then use your local image repository to pull from for the Daemonset.


2. Another way, is to store the extension config in your local share or repository, and keep the base machine agent image to be pulled from the docker repository and use your Kubernetes configuration to e.g mount the extension folder into the pod when the pod is created.


I am sure there are other ways as well, but we mainly use the 2 methods above to deploy extensions

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But our operations team is using the cluster agent. Can we hook the file extension to cluster agent.

I am little confused with above options.


Can you share me the steps to configure File Extension in cluster agent.