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Identifying memory leaks with automatic leak detection

See how you can detect memory leaks with Automatic Leak Detection, and how you may be able to resolve the issue before a restart is required.   CONTENTS | Introduction | Video |Resources | About the presenter  Video Length: 2 min 24 seconds  When Aut...

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How do I use Puppet for AppDynamics agent deployment?

What do I need to know about using the sample script to build my own Puppet module?   Every deployment is different, so this task doesn't lend itself to one all-inclusive Puppet script maintained by AppDynamics. However, the attached sample script ca...

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Java 8 leaves past performance penalty behind

As of August 2020, AppDynamics Java users don't need to choose between dynamic instrumentation and performance when running on IBM JVM   When using an AppDynamics Java agent with a newer IBM JVM, customers don’t have to choose between dynamic instrum...

Instructions for instrumenting Lotus Dominos

Follow the instructions below to instrument the JVM's created within the Lotus Dominos server.   1. Navigate and open the file notes.ini   2. Add the property JavaUserOptionsFile=<some_dir>/   3. Create the file <some_dir>/JvmOp...

Network Agent configuration for IBM Java Agent

For customers using the IBM Java Agent, external services do not include the "netviz" module. Complete the following steps to implement network visibility.   Download the Java Agent - Sun and JRockit JVM agent and unzip the contents.Navigate to the ...

Javaagent disabled

Agent stopped reporting the metrics and no load observed on controller UI. Log message :   INFO ConfigurationChannel - Setting disable-agent to true   Possible reasons :   1. Disable the javaagent on "Agent Configure " screen by selecting "Off" butt...

HP Exstream - Java Agent Configuration

Hp Exstream uses oSGI framework, so when you configure the Java Agent you need to configure bootdelegation parameter in HP Exstream configuration files.   Startup parameter : -Dorg.osgi.framework.bootdelegation=com.singularity.*   Files to modify .....

How do I configure java agent on Akana Gateway

How do I configure Akana gateway using java agent?   To learn how to instrument Akana gateway using Java agent, begin by reading   Configure javaagent in "" located in "/opt/<Akana foler>/pm84/bin" pathS...

How do I instrument the Tableau Server?

Instrumenting Tableau Server (through version 10.5) for Java Agent   Tableau Server installer spawns a number of processes. You’ll need to identify which processes to monitor based on your need.   For example, to monitor these processes execute the ...

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