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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

OIA_still.pngSee how you can detect memory leaks with Automatic Leak Detection, and how you may be able to resolve the issue before a restart is required.  

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Video Length: 2 min 24 seconds 

When Automatic Leak Detection is enabled, Ops teams can identify and diagnose memory leaks within the JVM and coordinate with their Dev teams to resolve the code-based causes they uncover.    


Additional Resources 

Learn more about Automatic Leak Detection for Java in the documentation. 


About presenter Tori Beaird (Forbess) 

Tori Beaird (Forbess)Tori Beaird (Forbess)Tori Beaird (Forbess) joined AppDynamics as a Sales Engineer in 2020. With an Industrial Distribution Engineering degree and a decade of musical theatre training - sales engineering offered the best of both worlds. Although she is a Texas native, she helps customers up and down the West Coast improve their application monitoring practices.  

Within AppDynamics, Tori is a part of the AppDynamics Cloud Native Application Observability Champions team, enabling peers and customers alike on AppDynamics’ latest monitoring tool. With a passion for teaching others, Tori continues to develop and present internal training sessions to the broader Cisco organization.  

When Tori isn't at work, you will find her flying Cessna 182s, volunteering with her church, and spending time with her beloved husband and friends! 

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

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About the resources noted on the video's closing slide:

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  •, the second link in the closing slide will take you to the Knowledge Base page view showing all current Observability in Action series editions.

Thanks to @Dan.Burgess for walking through and helping improve your experience with this article and, by extension, the series.


hello madam

This video and tutorial so helpful and fantastic.

thank you

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hello, @Hamed.Khosravi 

The team is so pleased you've found this video useful! Stay tuned for more upcoming videos and content.


Claudia Landivar
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