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AppDynamics Team

How do I detect and correlate Business Transactions for PingAccess (Ping Identity) instrumentations?


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Ping Access is a Federated Access Management product from Ping Identity. Due to the low latency nature of the product, the underlying implementation of this does not use standard J2EE frameworks (e.g., Servlets or Apache/JDK HTTP Client etc.). Out of the box, the AppDynamics Agent will not detect or correlate any Business Transactions or exit calls when you instrument PingAccess. Custom configuration is required to get visibility into PingAccess until AppDynamics supports this.



This configuration should work with PingAccess 4.x and 5.x version.



1. Create a custom POJO entry rule. Refer to our documentation for instructions. 

Name: PingAccessHTTPEntry
Class :
Method : handleRequest
Split on Getter Chain : Param index : 0
Getter chain: getRequest().getUri().split(\/).[0,1]




2. Replace attached custom-activity-correlation.xml at <agent-install-dir>/ver.../conf


3. Add an App Server Agent Node property. Refer to our documentation for instructions. 



Naveen.Kumar KS
New Member

Worked perfectly fine thanks.

Hey There, 

I recently integrated my Ping Access server with Appdynamics. I am able to the business transaction thanks to the steps listed above. But after i intregated my Ping Access server with Appdynamics,  the Ping Access is taking more than 100s to restart. Has this happened to anyone? Can you give me suggestion on how to resolve this issue?


I have followed the steps to configure this but I'm not sure what I should expect to see in the Business Transactions. How can I tell that it's set up properly?

I am seeing a new type of Business Transaction labeled "All Other Traffic - PingAccess" but when I go to expand it, the URL field is blank and only one node is listed (we have multiple PingAccess nodes).

AppDynamics Team

Hi @Araceli.Garcia ,


You are seeing Business Transaction labeled "All Other Traffic - PingAccess" because of the business transaction limit being hit. You can refer this documentation link to clean up and manage transactions.

For now, the "All Other Traffic - PingAccess" business transaction dashboard should show calls per minute, error per minute, etc. metrics. 



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