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OpenTelemetry FAQ

What do I need to know about OTel and using it with AppDynamics? Get up to speed on OpenTelemetry and how AppDynamics will support it, expanding telemetry data sources for our advanced analytics, AI/ML, and troubleshooting capabilities.   In this art...


Using OAuth to integrate JIRA with the Controller

How do I use OAuth to integrate JIRA with the Controller, and create tickets based on Controller attributes?   This article starts with describing integration between the Controller and JIRA, step-by-step. Then, it describes the workflow between the...

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How do I create custom exit points in Python?

How do I use the Python Agent API to add custom Exit Points?   The AppDynamics Python Agent provides automatic exit point detection for many common libraries. If your specific library is not supported, you can use the Agent API to add custom exit po...

How do I use REST API calls in a PowerShell script?

Overview AppDynamics users can write their own monitoring extension scripts to add custom metrics to the set that AppDynamics already collects and reports to the Controller.  This article features resources (provided by AppDynamics) for Windows and P...

Scalability of the AppDynamics REST API

Table of Contents Use CasesProblemSolutionExample API script   Many of our customers use the Controller Metrics and Events API to retrieve metric data information and information on various types of activities in a monitored environment, including C...

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How to set node retention using REST API

Use the following POST request to update node retention using the API.   Note: Requires root user credentials.   http://<Controller Host>:<PORT>/controller/rest/configuration?name=node.retention.period&value=<VALUE>   Example:   Set node.retention.p...


How to find Controller account ID using API

  To find the Controller account ID using the REST API, use one of the following URLs to create a GET request.   SaaS: https://<<accountName>>   On-Premise: http[s]://<<hostname>>/controller/api/...

Can I group metrics for future analysis using Regular Expression?

Users with hundreds of EMS queues in the EMS Server instance may wish to group their metrics using regular expression into one node or graph for analysis.    It is not possible to group metrics in the custom dashboard, given that the tier/app level m...

Erin by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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