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We did not have a Controller or Enterprise Console release in September. However, the month included several key product enhancements and agent updates. We also resolved an issue associated with the previous release.


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Feature Enhancements

Heads Up - What Else You Should Know

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Resolved Issues

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What highlights should I know about?

These release highlights include the newest features and capabilities at-a-glance this month. In the grid below, we’ve flagged who may be most interested or impacted in your organization by each enhancement.


User and Performance Analyst
Admin and Implementer
Agent Updates v.20.9.0
.NET Linux Agent Update  
Cluster Agent Update
Java Agent Update ✓   
Machine Agent OSHI Library

System Admin Updates
Accounts User Management Improvement    
Updates to Downloads

Agent Updates v20.9.0

  • The new version of the .NET Linux Agent now supports the Azure Cosmos DB through the SQL APIs as well as the ability to configuration inlining to improve overall performance. (Released September 24)

  • The new version of Cluster Agent now supports auto instrumentation of .NET Core and Node.js APM agents on Linux and along with Java applications. (Released September 25)

  • The new version of the Java agent includes several new capabilities, including synchronous entry and exit support for gRPC. (Released September 22)

  • The new Machine Agent version has an upgraded OSHI library that supports version 5.2.5. (Released September 21)

System Admin Updates

  • We have streamlined the user management experience in Accounts by adding capabilities that allow you to mass delete inactive users.  View full instructions on how to manage users in Accounts here. (Released September 16)

  • With access to Downloadable artifacts from your Account page, users can download artifacts without visiting the Downloads page. There is no impact to your CI/CD pipeline or any automation you may have implemented. Read the FAQ here to learn more. (Ongoing release started in June 2020)

To view all technical documentation associated with this month’s releases, please visit Product Announcements, Alerts, and Hot Fixes in our documentation portal.


Heads up – What else you should know 

  • Have a great product idea? Contribute to the AppDynamics Community Idea Exchange, where you will be able to submit your ideas, and vote on or discuss ideas from other community members. To participate, sign in to the community and look for the Idea Exchange button in the top navigation. See Idea Exchange Guidelines for more details.

    Thanks in advance for helping guide the future of our product!

  • As of August 2020, AppDynamics Java users no longer need to choose between dynamic instrumentation and performance when running on IBM JVM. The newer releases for Java 8 don't exhibit the same performance penalty when class retransformation is enabled. Find out more here.

  • Your AppDynamics Certification exams have moved! The AppDynamics Certifications Program initiated a transition to a new process for candidates this past July. As a first step in a long-term, multi-stage migration plan, the exam process is temporarily independent of the new AppDynamics University experience.

    If you previously received a registration confirmation for your exam, please see How to register for and access AppDynamics certification exams.

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Resolved Issues

The following key issue was resolved this month. To see a complete listing of this month's resolved issues, see Resolved Issues by Month.


Java Agent

  • The auto-instrumentation of Java applications fail when using the 20.6 version of Redhat Java Agent image (CLUSTERMON-1869)


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Please note: customers are advised to check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation


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