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Knowledge Base

Idea Exchange Submission Guidelines

What is the Idea Exchange?

The Idea Exchange is a place for AppDynamics customers to share, vote, and discuss product enhancements that need innovative thinking. Once an idea is submitted, customers are able to vote and comment on each other's ideas.


Here's what you need to know to participate in the Idea Exchange:


How do I Access the Idea Exchange?

First, sign in to the community and then navigate to the Idea Exchange: 







Please note: the Idea Exchange is not available to trial or free users. 


How does the Idea Exchange work?

  1. Search Idea Exchange. If your idea or a similar idea already exists in the Idea Exchange, add comments and vote for the existing one.

Please don't submit duplicate ideas. Community managers will merge duplicate ideas together.


  1. Upvote and Comment. If the idea already exists, vote it up and add your own experiences and details. The more we know, the better the chances the idea may come to fruition. Please come back often to review and vote on submitted ideas.

  2. Read Guidelines and Submit a New Idea. Read through this guide and submit a well-thought-out idea.

  3. Rally for votes. Once your idea has been submitted, we encourage you to influence your peers and fellow community members to bolster your idea.

  4. Keep tabs on status. It is our commitment to you to be as transparent and communicative as we can be regarding Idea Exchange submission processes and status. While we can make no promises, we can help you be heard.

    See the list of possible idea status and their descriptions, below.


What information do I need to include in my Idea submission?

Be sure to start with a clear problem statement. Rather than jumping to a solution, tell us what's causing you pain and why you need this idea to be implemented in the product. Including use cases, business impact, and workaround(s) used can strengthen your idea.


Product Label>> Also, choose at least one from the predefined list of product labels to help categorize the idea. See that list of predefined labels and their descriptions, below. 


Idea Tags>> You may choose to write-in a freeform tag for the purpose of calling out keyword(s) that might help further identify and help someone find your idea. There is no need to duplicate the product label as a tag. Tags is not a required field. 


Note: if an idea is submitted missing some or all of the information above, you will be contacted to complete before your idea may be ready to vote on.


Idea Status

New: First 30 Days
This idea is in its initial 30-day period from the date of submission. Please vote on and provide comments and feedback. Your inputs give this idea as much visibility as possible and it's best shot!

Need More Info
Additional information is required to determine the customer impact of this submission. This idea cannot be further evaluated without more information. Help out where you can to unstick this idea!

Open For Comment
After the initial 30-day new idea period, aging submissions will receive a status of Open for Comment.
It's important to keep the momentum going on this idea to move it along, so please continue to actively vote and give feedback on this idea submission. Get this idea noticed!

We're Working On It

This idea submission is now in the product backlog. The product management team is in active conversation to work on this idea with the community.

Please continue to vote, provide comment/feedback to further bolster or otherwise help the process along. Watch for AppDynamics product team comments as applicable.


Not Planned Yet
This idea may have been reviewed and deemed as “not planned yet” for various reasons including: it does not fit with the current product roadmap, low demand, lack of strategic fit, lack of tech feasibility, too heavy of a lift, etc. Please continue to actively vote on and give feedback on this idea submission. Please provide more use cases that could bolster it back into contention.

Now Available

Success! This idea has come to fruition and is now available in the AppDynamics product./span>

Thanks for influencing and contributing to this customer-driven enhancement.


Idea Labels

When you submit an idea/feature enhancement request to the Idea Exchange, please choose at least one label from this list. You can also choose an optional secondary label from these options.


Accounts Admin

An AppDynamics administrator’s ability to register their users and manage those user’s access to services (e.g., Learn, Help, Community).



An agent is code that collects and reports data. Agents can refer to languages (Java, Node.js, Python, etc), machines (hardware and network data), databases, etc. Tag and Agent: All Agents; SAP; IBM; DCI (Deep Code Insights) Powered by Rookout


Alerts and Health Rules

An alert is an Email, SMS, or customized external notification interface that notifies you of a problem or event.


Analytics and BiQ

Business Impact. This provides business performance correlation with application performance. Includes Analytics Search, Business Journeys, Experience Level Management, Transaction Analytics, Custom Data Collection, Log Analytics.


Browser Real User Monitoring


Browser Synthetic Monitoring


Connected Devices (Mobile)

All mobile apps and devices — e.g., Mobile Phones and IoT sensors/devices 



Collects, stores, analyzes and baselines performance data collected by agents. UI and Display.


Controller Admin

An account owner’s ability to administer controller identity settings, users, groups, and permissions.


Dashboards and Reports

This covers all dashboarding within AppDynamics, including Dash Studio, the legacy Custom Dashboards, and the Analytics dashboard builder. 



Relational and/or NoSQL databases being monitored by AppDynamics Database Visibility. Databases can include Couchbase, DB2, MongoDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQLand Sybase, as well as cloud-hosted DBaaS offerings from Amazon, Microsoft or Google.



Monitoring modules that are plugged into a machine agent or machine agent enabled for Server Visibility (sometimes called a SIM agent) to push "custom metrics" into the AppDynamics platform. Custom metrics are metrics not provided by default from AppDynamics agents.



Modules that integrate AppDynamics with third party systems by exporting AppDynamics business entities like applications, tiers, nodes, business transactions, backends, events, metrics, etc. into the third party platform. It may also include importing some of the third party systems' business entities into AppDynamics. May also include Software Development Kits (SDKs).


IoT for Connected Devices




Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps provided by AppDynamics for iOS and Android. These apps provide mobile-tailored user experiences and are available to all users of AppDynamics.


Mobile Real User Monitoring


My Profile and My Account

All things related to your AppDynamics profile and your preferences. Note: this is your profile/account for services. NOT the controller account or profile.






On premises (On prem)

Refers to an AppDynamics installation where the Controller is installed on machines under the company's own administration.



Use it for catch-all purposes. If you are not able to find a relevant label in the available selections. Please do add relevant freeform tag(s) to help us categorize and surface your idea.


Root Cause Analysis (RCA)



AppDynamics platform and applications delivered as SaaS - includes security of SaaS environment (i.e. SOC 2 items), data privacy requirements for SaaS specifically, upgrade experience, maintenance notifications and availability reporting via the status page.



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Hi.  I was trying to post an Idea, but I don't see a button to create a new idea.  It appears that the Idea Exchange is relatively new, so maybe I don't have the necessary access?  (For example, I don't see "New! Idea Exchange" in the header of the Community page ... I was given a direct link to the Idea Exchange in a Support Ticket).   Thoughts?  Thanks.  

Hi @Jim.Ritchey ,


You should have access now! You should have been set up last week, something must have happened. Can you check again, please?


That fixed it.  The Community Page now has a tab/link at the top for the new Idea Exchange, and the "Suggest an Idea" button is now visible.  Thanks. 

I created an idea but I didn't see how to add the two product labels. I made them tags - but that doesn't seem like what you were suggesting we do.


P.S. The website could use some performance improvements.


Hi @Tori.Walsh,


When on the create idea page, you would have seen this screen (image below), here you just click on one of the blue words/phrases to add those in. 


Can you provide a bit more details on the performance aspect? Was it a particular page or the community as a whole? 



Hello everyone,


When creating an Idea Exchange post, it's okay to reference a Support ticket, but we ask that you just leave the ticket number and not the full URL or a hyperlink. 


As an example: ^ Zendesk ticket #12345



Ryan, AppD Community Manager