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What is the Idea Exchange?

The Idea Exchange is a place for AppDynamics customers to share, vote, and discuss product enhancements that need innovative thinking. Once an idea is submitted, customers can vote and comment on each other's ideas.

Here's what you need to know to participate in the Idea Exchange:


How do I access the Idea Exchange?

First, sign in to Community and then navigate to the Idea Exchange in the top navigation. 



PLEASE NOTE The Idea Exchange is not available to trial or free users. 


How does the Idea Exchange work?

  1. Search Idea Exchange. If your idea or a similar idea already exists in the Idea Exchange, add comments and vote for the existing one.

NOTE | Please avoid submitting duplicate ideas. Community managers will merge duplicate ideas.

  1. Upvote and Comment. If the idea already exists, vote it up and add your own experiences and details. The more we know, the better the chances the idea may come to fruition. Please return often to review and vote on submitted ideas.

  2. Read the Guidelines and Submit a New Idea. The better your idea write-up, the more persuasive it may be to other Idea Exchange participants.  Have a look at this guide for help.
  3. Rally for votes. Once your idea has been submitted, we encourage you to influence your peers and fellow community members to bolster your idea.

  4. Keep tabs on status. It is our commitment to you to be as transparent and communicative as we can be regarding Idea Exchange submission processes and status. While we can make no promises, we can help you be heard.

    See the list of possible idea status and their descriptions, below.


What information do I need to include in my Idea submission?

Be sure to start with a clear problem statement. Rather than jumping to a solution, tell us what's causing you pain and why you need this idea to be implemented in the product. Including use cases, business impact, and workaround(s) used can strengthen your idea.

Product Label Choose at least one product label from the predefined list to help categorize the idea. See that list of predefined labels and their descriptions, below.
Idea Tags
You can write in a freeform tag to call out keyword(s) that could help clarify your idea and help others find it. It's preferable to avoid duplicating the product label here since it won't help and may blur the readability of your idea.


What do the idea statuses mean?

Open for Comment This is the default status for all Ideas. As long as the idea is complete, it will remain in this status. The more detailed your idea is, the greater chance it has of picking up more votes. 

Need More Info

Additional information is required in order to determine the customer impact of this submission. The idea cannot be further evaluated without more information.

Help out where you can to unstick this idea.

We're Working
On It

This idea submission is now in the product backlog. The product management team is in active conversation to work on this idea with the community.

Please continue to vote, and provide comments or feedback to further bolster or otherwise help the process along. Watch for AppDynamics product team comments as applicable.

Not Planned Yet

This idea may have been reviewed and deemed as “not planned yet” for various reasons including it does not fit with the current product roadmap, low demand, lack of strategic fit, lack of tech feasibility, too heavy of a lift, etc.

Please continue to actively vote on and give feedback on this idea submission. And please provide additional use cases that could bolster it back into contention.

Now Available

Success! This idea has come to fruition and is now available in the AppDynamics product.

Thanks for influencing and contributing to this customer-driven enhancement.


What Idea labels can I use?

When you submit an idea/feature enhancement request to the Idea Exchange, please choose at least one label from the list. You also have the option to choose a secondary label from these options.

Though we may periodically revise the label list, here are the options as of December 2023:

Accounts Database Monitoring On-premises
Agent Management Disaster Recovery OTel
Alerting Extensions Other
Analytics and BiQ GovAPM Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Anomaly Detection (AD) Health Rules SAP Monitoring
APM Agents High Availability (HA) Secure Application
AppDynamics Query Language (ADQL) Identity and User Management Security and Privacy
Browser Real User Monitoring (BRUM) Licensing Servers
Cluster Monitoring Machine Agents Synthetics
Controller Mobile Real User Monitoring (MRUM)​ ThousandEyes
Controller UI Network Monitoring Unified Observability Experience​
Dashboard and Reports    
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