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AppDynamics Team

You can download several essential components for your AppDynamics environment, including Application Agents, Enterprise Console and Controller, and Events Service, directly from our Downloads page.


Other components, especially ones pertaining to EUM products, can be downloaded or installed from other locations, as follow:

Android SDK Install the Android SDK using Gradle. For instructions, click here.
Cordova Plugin Use the hybrid platform’s CLI with the ‘Cordova’ command to install the Cordova plugin into the application. For instructions, click here.
iOS SDK Install the iOS SDK pod from CocoaPods. For instructions, click here.
IoT C/C++ SDK 
Clone the repo from GitHub and follow the README instructions.
IoT Java SDK 
Clone the repo from GitHub and follow the README instructions.
JavaScript Agent Use the CDN or download the JavaScript Agent from the Controller. For instructions, click here.
Node.js Agent
Xamarin SDK 
Install the package from the NuGet Gallery.


Additional Resources

To make sure you complete all the tasks necessary for a successful release upgrade to a newer version, we recommend following the relevant instructions in our upgrade checklists. These guides are not release-specific and can be referenced for any release: AppDynamics Upgrade Checklist For Any Release

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