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AppDynamics Upgrade Checklist For Any Release

To make sure you complete all the tasks necessary for a successful release upgrade, we recommend following the relevant instructions in our upgrade checklists. These guides are not release-specific and can be referenced for any release.



Before upgrading any component, complete the following steps:

  • Review the Product Announcements and Alerts page for details on any intermediate versions between the current version of your instance and the version you are targeting.

  • Review the compatibility matrix below for various components of the AppDynamics environment. Complete details can be found in our Community and technical documentation:

    Apache Web Server Agent version <= Controller version
    Application Agent version(Java, .Net, Node.js Agent etc) <= Analytics Agent version

    For Controller versions lower than 4.4.1Application (language) Agent version (Java, .Net, Node.js Agent, etc.) <= Controller version

    For Controller versions 4.4.1 or higherApplication (language) Agent version (Java, .Net, Node.js Agent, etc.) unrestricted

    Analytics Agent version <= Controller version
    Analytics Agent version <= Events Service version 
    Controller version <= EUM version
    Controller version <= Events Service version 
    DB Agent <= Controller version
    EUM version <= Events Service version
    JS Agent <= EUM version
    Mobile Agent (iOS or Android Agent) <= EUM version

    Machine agent 4.5.2+ is compatible with Controller 4.4.0+
    Machine agent 4.5.0 - 4.5.1 is compatible with Controller 4.5.0 - 4.5.x
    Machine agent 4.4.0 - 4.4.3 is compatible with Controller 4.4.0 - 4.4.3
    Machine agent 4.3.x, 4.4.x, and 4.5.x is compatible with Controller 4.5.x


Checklists for upgrading each component

Click on the links below for checklists on upgrading each type of AppDynamics component: