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AppDynamics Upgrade Checklist For Any Release

To make sure you complete all the tasks necessary for a successful release upgrade, we recommend following the relevant instructions in our upgrade checklists. These guides are not release-specific and can be referenced for any release.



Before upgrading any component, complete the following steps:

  1. Review the latest Release Notes for any intermediate versions between the current version of your instance and the version you are targeting.

  2. Review the compatibility matrix below for various components of the AppDynamics environment. Complete details can be found in our Community and technical documentation.

    Apache Web Server Agent Version <= Controller Version
    Application Agent Version(Java, .Net, Node.js Agent etc) <= Analytics Agent Version
    Application Agent Version(Java, .Net, Node.js Agent etc) <= Controller Version

    Analytics Agent Version <= Controller Version
    Analytics Agent Version <= Events Service Version 
    Controller Version <= EUM Version
    Controller Version <= Events Service Version 
    DB Agent <= Controller Version
    EUM Version <= Events Service Version
    JS Agent <= EUM Version
    Machine Agent Version <= Controller Version
    Mobile Agent (iOS or Android Agent) <= EUM Version


Checklists for upgrading each component

Click on the links below for checklists on upgrading each type of AppDynamics component: