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Release Upgrade Checklist for Java Agents


To make sure you complete all the tasks necessary for upgrading Java Agents after a release, we recommend following the upgrade checklist instructions below. 


NOTE: The information in this article is not release-specific. You can reference it for any release


Table of Contents


Prepare to upgrade your Java Agent


Plan your Java Agent upgrade

  • To ensure a successful correlation, upgrade agents on downstream tiers first, and then on upstream tiers.

  • If you’re upgrading multiple agents in your monitored environment, upgrade the agents for the tiers on which business transactions are originated last.

  • Starting in release 4.5, Java Agents are automatically backward-compatible with any 4.4.1+ Controller, so you can upgrade your agent while retaining your 4.4.1+ Controller.

    Note: If your Controller is older than 4.4.1, you must upgrade your Controller before upgrading your Java Agent.

    v4.3 v4.4 v4.5 v20.3 - future releases
    Java 4.x - 4.3 4.4.1 - 20.x (1) 4.5 - 20.x (1) 4.4 - 20.x (1)(2)

(1) Controller version supports through the most recent released Agent version

(2) Controller version does not support Agent version 4.1



Shut down the JVM when uninstalling Java Agents

When uninstalling, it’s important to shut down the JVM that the Java Agent runs on, or the Java Agent will reappear in the UI. See Uninstall the Java Agent for the correct procedure. 


Additional Resources

Instructions for upgrading other AppDynamics components are available in our general release upgrade checklist, How do I get started with upgrading AppDynamics components for any release?

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