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Download Artifacts from Accounts - FAQ 

What do I need to know about downloading artifacts right from my Accounts page?


Our artifact download experience allows you to seamlessly access and download binary right from your Accounts profile without needing to navigate to the Downloads page. The Downloads link is right in Accounts'  left navigation bar.


With our move to Accounts, both on-premises and SaaS customers will see only the artifacts relevant to their licenses.

As of January 2021, the URL will redirect to your Accounts page at


Read on to learn more. 


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Example of new Download experience within Accounts view, showing the Platform tab because user’s on-premises license(s) were detectedExample of new Download experience within Accounts view, showing the Platform tab because user’s on-premises license(s) were detected


Is the new Download experience available?

Yes! The new Download experience, presented as part of Accounts, has been available since June 2020.


Why did the Download site move to Accounts?

Having a standalone experience for Downloads added effort to the user experience. Users had to remember yet another URL to visit and spend time trying to figure out which artifacts are compatible with the products they purchased and deployed. 


By moving Downloads to Accounts, we addressed these issues with a personalized, centralized experience. This redesign also allowed us to address some usability issues that existed in the old experience.


Will I need a specific role to access Downloads?

You don't need a specific role. Every user with access to Accounts (regardless of role) will have access to the Downloads experience. 


Why don’t I see Enterprise Console or EUM Server as options to Download?

By moving to Accounts, we can detect your licenses and show you only relevant artifacts. 

If you’re a SaaS-only customer, Enterprise Console or EUM Server are not relevant to you. On-premises customers will see both Agents and Platform tabs (as in the screen image above). The  Enterprise console, Events Service, EUM Server, and Synthetic Server artifacts are shown in the Platform tab.


Will our CI/CD deployment change?

We only updated the Downloads UI, so there is no impact to your CI/CD deployment or any automation you may have already implemented.


How do I know what agents are compatible with the version of the Controller we have?

Use the provided Compatible with Controller version filter. To use it, select both the Controller version and the Agent(s) you want to download. The filter results will give you the latest Agent(s) version(s) compatible with your Controller version.


Who do I reach out to if I have further questions or problems?

If you have any further questions or problems, please contact our Customer Support team or visit the Accounts Overview page to see your Support agreement.  

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