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No data shown on the Dashboard

Hi all    I am a Trial user, but no data is showing on the Dashboard.   Does somebody know what can be the problem?   I configured all correctly according to the "Getting Started" Manual (gradle and friends) but no data is shown I attached screenshot...

Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 17.18.17.png Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 17.20.27.png Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 17.20.00.png Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 17.19.41.png
Eyal.Sol by Explorer
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Month to Month Metrics

Hi I am looking to create a metric that will show the difference in number of times a transaction has been used from month to month.  So when when you view the dashboard...it will show that this month there volume has increased by 5% over last month ...

Count of calls per half hour

For developing load tests, I want to know what part of our system is most used or within a given application what is most used. For this purpose I would like a list of the count calls grouped by url per half hour.I see that AppDynamics groups calls p...

URL format for pulling custom metrics via API.

Due to the limitations of dashboarding in AppD, we're going to be trying to move some data over to Power BI as the front end.   I've been following along with the below article, which has helped a great deal.   https://community.appdynamics.com/t5/Kn...

Resolved! Import Dashboard Using Controller API and Postman Tool

I am trying to export and import a dashboard using the Controller API, and using the Postman tool. Ref export, I have this working OK:I created an API Client with the administrator roleI used the Controller API with the API Client credentials to gene...

Conditional metric value

Hi All, I have to show specific strings in my dashboard based on the metric value. So is it possible to show in metric value widget like if metric value =1 then show ABC and if metric value =2 then show XYZ? Basically need to add conditional output i...