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Custom metric into dashboard as percentage calculation


Do use the following extension where I monitor URL. Custom metric gives a status of either 0, 2,3 4


But using other than a timegraph does not give me the information because it is important to know the percentage of when is 0, 1,2,3 (DOWN) or 4 (UP)

So Timegraph shows me when someting is down, but i want also to add this custom metric to a expression like:

percentage of 0,2 & 3 (DOWN)    and percentage of 4 (UP) and show this in a pie or gauge or metric value . For me this above does not seems to work with the calculation (how many percentage over time are 0-3 and how much is 4 in percentage)

Minimum: Minimum value, only available for averaged metrics
Maximum: Maximum value, only available for averaged metrics
Value: Contains the average or the sum across the time range depending on the metric
Sum: Aggregated value of the metric over the time range
Count: A count of the observed values over the time range
Current: The sum of the most recent minute's metric data value across all the included nodes


Secondly is it possible to put this custom metric into Analytics ? and therefor make better calculation possibilities


Community Manager

Hi @Peter.Dinsen,


For this issue, I would recommend creating a support ticket.


You can do that by going here: 

Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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