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Resolved! Flowmap customization

Hi,   I am very new to AppDynamics and want to customize the application flow map so that the call arrows turn red when some issues happen for them. Currently, I cannot see them going red when any issue happens.   However, for my colleague, it does. ...

Custom_flowmap.png Application_flowmap_without _customizaion.png

How to display AWS expense dashboard to AppDynamics?

Hello, everyone. i met an issue to connect AWS to AppDynamics. The idea was to create a dashboard of AWS expenditures and transfer this data to AppDynamics dashboard to see which AWS resource takes how much money. Could someone help me with this issu...

Resolved! How to on-board dashboard from AppDynamics to Splunk ITSI

Hi Team,   Good Day!   Please help me, I'm trying to on-board a dashboard from AppDynamics to Splunk. There is a documentation but this is for the integration of AppDynamics to Splunk. Hope you guys can help me.     Thanks a lot! Kevin

Appdynamics Custom widget - Dropdown list for Nodes

I got a requirement today to build a dashboard with dropdown list of values with "node names" for an application and based on the node selected It should display the errors, transactions belong to only that perticular node. Please help guys..Any info...

Resolved! Method to get Event Data using AppDynamicsREST Python API

Hi , In AppDynamics we can get the Events Details using the REST URI like the following http://<IP:PORT>/controller/rest/applications/8/events?time-range-type=BEFORE_NOW&duration-in-mins=300&event-types=APPLICATION_CONFIG_CHANGE,APPLICATION_ERROR,DIA...

Resolved! custom time range: fixed same day 6am to 8pm

hello,   i've searched here and googled there but didn't find a suitable hint to: custom time ranges for a dashboard public deeplink to show always "the same day" within the 6am to 8pm time window.   anyone needed this before?   regards, Christian  

Is there a possibility to create tables in dashboard

Can anyone please let me know if we can create table form metrics in dashboard? When checked in custom widgets there is an option for table format but there I am not getting the parameters that I want to select.   We are looking for response time, CP...