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WCF: Slow steps

New Member

WCF call is very slow because of below step:

System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.RequestChannelBinder:Request: Unknown (execution time: 10594 ms of 10594 ms total) WCF (10594ms): [5]


Anyone can give some idea or thoughts around the possible reason will be appreciated!


AppDynamics Team

The issue could be either related to network related or the service itself is taking longer time to respond.


The first step would be to identify where the bottle necks is ? For example, use WireShark to see if the connection establishment is taking a long time. 


As it is WCF service, you can turn on WCF trace logs on the server.  Refer -


WCF traces will give you details on what is happening on service side and is there any issue happening there. 

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