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Resolved! custom time range: fixed same day 6am to 8pm

hello,   i've searched here and googled there but didn't find a suitable hint to: custom time ranges for a dashboard public deeplink to show always "the same day" within the 6am to 8pm time window.   anyone needed this before?   regards, Christian  

Is there a possibility to create tables in dashboard

Can anyone please let me know if we can create table form metrics in dashboard? When checked in custom widgets there is an option for table format but there I am not getting the parameters that I want to select.   We are looking for response time, CP...

Resolved! Custom Dashboard with Mobile EUM Metrics

Hi,   I am trying to build a custom dashbaord with metrics from Mobile EUM. In the list of Applications that can be seleted for adding a metric to a widget, i am only seeing User Experience : Browser Apps and not User Experience Mobile Apps.   Is thi...

Resolved! Interpolate Data Gaps - Metric Widgets

I'm assuming the "interpolate data gaps" option when creating metric widgets allows the graph to insert predicted data when there are gaps, but how does it determine the data to insert? Is it simply the shortest line between the gap beginning at poin...

Resolved! Event on a Health rule widget

I have a health rule widget on a dashboard which turns red when the health rule associated with this widget is violated. Once it turns red I would like to display the event So that users are known why the health rule is in red.Is this possible and ho...

Resolved! Dashboards and Iframe

Hi ,   I want to display these dashboards of appd on obiee dashboard. Is there way i can implememnt this ?

how to download agent for liferay server

Hi,   I need to configure app agent for liferay server. I have never configured liferay server so i need to know what type of agent need to be downloaded for the liferay server and how to download   Regards, mandar

How can I create custom jmx metrics for weblogic

Hello, I have a application running under weblogic. The application runs on multiple servers.   i would like to create custom jmx metrics to report on health of  jdbc pools used by application and also another metric to report health of managed serve...