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Resolved! Identify business transactions for a node

Hi All,   Am trying to set up monitoring for the most crucial business transactions that matter to the business.   Able to capture the transactions tier wise, but i would want to find the transactions node wise. Want to know which node is invoked, wh...

Creating a Health Rule condition for total error percentage

Hey all. I'm trying to create a Health Rule to be used for monitoring errors on one of our remote services. I would like for the critical condition to trigger when the error percentage is 100% (see image for the value I'm talking about).  The warning...

error screenshot.png

Dashboard Metric Expression Calculation Issue

Hi team,We have a metric expression calculation to plot on the dashboard which very often has no data reported because at least one of the metrics within the expression has null value.   But seems to be deleted because we cannot access it, neither ou...


Resolved! Image Widget Above Other Widget

Hi,    I watched a video where the presenter was able to overlay a base64 encoded image above an health status widget.   When I try and do this, all widgets are being reorganise, I'm not able to place widgets on top of each other.

Pulling data from other controller

Hi Team,   We are having multiple controllers and multiple dashboards on it. now i want have a dashboard where i can project the data from all the controllers.  like i want see the all the applications health from multiple controller in one dashboard...

Traffic is not showing in appd

I am facing one issue, where user reported whenever he is running load test, he is seeing traffic in splunk but in appD its not showing and flowmap dashboard is also not coming.What are the possible reasons for this and  The second thing is, after th...

Resolved! Trend LIne at Dashboards

Try to insert a trend line to a dashboard chart:   Variables Calls Per Minute / Average response time => should locate if there is a positive or a negative trend here. Just adding the two values as division and metric shows nearly the same line sprin...