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Resolved! When is AppDynamics Dumping Flash for HTML5?

Adobe has announced the end of Flash, yet AppDynamics is still requiring it. Why? Flash has a number of limitations including simple things like not copying text. Then there's the obvious problems with Flash security (Steve Jobs wrote about poor Flas...

How to create Health rule for WebSphere MQ ???

Team,   Below are the requirements for my MQ, please guide!   1. I am trying to create health rule for more than 100 channels , whenever the status of any of these channels is not equal to 3 i want to be alerted . Can you let me know if there's any q...

Resolved! Ability to display Health Rule Conditions

when displaying health rule Violations on a customer dashboard, is it possible to have the condition that is violated be displayed as well?  We are looking to put this up on a TV and would like to be able to see why a given health rule is displaying ...

Highlight a widget based on value

does anyone know if it is possible to have a Widget be filled with a background color based on the value.   I am looking to have the widget cell highlighted based on a calulcation of business transaction performance.     IE if transactions dont compl...

Resolved! Health Rule Condition

When we apply any health rule in dasboard does it show normal status even if health rule is disabled? Any idea on it..   Appd: 4.3

Resolved! how to change time in pdf report sent as scheduled

hi Everyone, faced a strange problem - dashboard showed right timezone, but when I schedule dashboard as a report I got absolutely another time and what is weird - whatever timezone I choose before sending, I get the same time in received pdf file re...