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Image Widget Above Other Widget




I watched a video where the presenter was able to overlay a base64 encoded image above an health status widget.


When I try and do this, all widgets are being reorganise, I'm not able to place widgets on top of each other.




I suggest you change the dashboard from a grid layout to the absolute layout.

How can I change the Canvas type to an absolute layout. When I hover over the Canvas type, I get a red cross showing that I can't change the canvas.

When you are on your dashboard, toggle the edit switch, then click on the "actions" button, this should let you modify your dashboard properties, layout type is one of those properties.


Ok i understand, thank you for the screen cap.


So 2 things:


1) The absolute layout is the only one that supports layers etc.

2) I would open this dashboard and open another browser besides and create a new absolute dashboard in the new browser, then copy/paste the widgets between the browser windows.