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Resolved! AppDynamics Nagios - Monitoring Extension

Hi All!   I have found this Nagios extension on the community portal: https://github.com/Appdynamics/nagios-monitoring-extension   Has anyone already tried it? I am a little bit confused how we can use this. Can we simply pull all the metrics from Na...

Weekly report by day for events on an application

I have been asked to create a report (could be a dashboard) which displays a sum of all the Events which have been created per day for the past week for an application. The idea is that we will be able to over time see a reduction in events as we imp...

Resolved! NOC wall.

I am looking for alternante way to present the dashboards outside of a web browser so it looks nicer on a NOC wall any one have Ideas?  I am trying to get the stuff in the black box not to show up. 

2018-12-07 15_01_06-.png

Can I send reports with the contents in the email body?

Hi All, I want to send reports in an interval of 15 minutes and with the content inside the email body instead of the PDF attachment.   Is there any way to do this? Kindly assist.Thanks in advance.   ^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez to improve the title and...

Resolved! Can not delete dashboard even as an Owner

Hi there,   I have a client that is trying to delete old dashboards and is unable to. I am unable to as well, and I have owner permissions, these dash board have become unusable after the user that created them was deleted:

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 9.59.15 AM.png image001.jpg

How to set auto refresh in dashboard

Hi All,   In the following path : Appdynamics--> Home--> select a database -->"Dashboard"   Here i need set auto refresh  for "Time Spent in Database and Executions".   Please suggest   im using "AppDynamics Controller build"

Resolved! Synthetics Metrics Dashboard question

I have a dashboard that reports average visual times for synthetic job runs. It is including all of the job runs even the failed and broken sessions which gives the illusion of speed boost when jobs don't run well.   Is there any way to weed out the ...

Resolved! Font Size change for the Widget Title

Team,   I am working on a Dashboard and we are adding several gauge widgets and we are facing issue with title font being bigger than the gauge. Can you please suggest how we can decrease the title font?     Thanks, Teja.

Resolved! Can we link Multiple dashboards?

Team,   Can we link multiple dashboards ? Meaning can i have a parent dashboard  to which i can add several child dashboards and one click on parent dashboard can redirect me to the child dashboard?