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How to show calls in different granularity's


How to show calls in different granularity's

Hi ! 

I have a client that wants to be able to see the number of requests (or calls) on different time ranges, but I can only create graphics with the "calls/min" metric. Is there a way to either aggregate the data of that Metric to have calls for specifics time periods ? (calls/30min, calls/hour, calls/day, calls/week ...)

If not, is there a way to call the data differently in order to have the granularity's that I wish to have ? 



Yann Loukili


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How to show calls in different granularity's

If you use COUNT of Average Response Time you'll get the actual number of calls for a specific app or business transaction instead of an averaged number out of calls/min.  You could create essentially that metric in various widgets and just set each widget to it's own different time range.

I am using the count of (avg response time) in my dashboard.

But I always get a descrepency with the dashboard number and the number shown on Business Transactions page (Calls).

This is causing lot of confusion as sometime the number doesn't add up. What is the most accurate way to get total calls?