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Resolved! Set up multiple types of health rules

Can I create a health rule where I can have a combination of both "Business Transaction performance" and "Database & Remote Services" under Overview ==> Type?  (It is allowing me to select only one option under Type)   Thanks.  

dashboard for events

Hi,   I am trying to create a dashboard for events in which I would be able to plot a trend of selected events. I don't see many options available when I tried to use I can select " Health rules and events", under it I can see only 2 options " Health...

Graph no. of CPU Cores

Hi,    Is there a way to graph the no. of CPU Cores to a custom dashboard? It's available in the UI -> Servers Dashboard, but it's not helping since there isn't a way to plot per Tier.   -Abdul

Resolved! How to show calls in different granularity's

Hi !  I have a client that wants to be able to see the number of requests (or calls) on different time ranges, but I can only create graphics with the "calls/min" metric. Is there a way to either aggregate the data of that Metric to have calls for sp...