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What can I do as a License Admin?

What abilities come with the License Admin role?

A license admin is a special type of user on These users are associated to one or more specific licenses and, with this association, gain the ability to learn about the usage of those licenses.


Notice that they are called “Admins”. This is because, as a License Admin, they can also register new users to, conferring to these new users the access to one or more licenses that they, themselves, have access to. In this way, they can choose to share license usage information to others.


Table of Contents

How do I become a license admin? 

How do I delegate the license admin role to other users of my company? 

How do I grant access to an existing user? 

How do I add a new user with license access? 

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How do I become a License Admin?

There are two ways to become a license Admin

  1. Through the sales process with AppDynamics.
  2. Another license admin of your company grants you the role.


Whenever licenses are purchased from AppDynamics, contacts are gathered as part of the sales and provisioning process. AppDynamics registers the first license admins as part of this process.


Once this right has been granted, a License Admin may then delegate this capability to others using the accounts user management experience.


How do I delegate the license admin role to other users of my company?

As a License Admin, you have access to Accounts User Management functions. To access these functions, sign in using your user account at


Please remember that, though it may share the same email, this is a distinct account from your Controller account, should you have one.  


If you are already logged into, you can find the user management link on the left-hand navigation pane of the company context pages.


Click your name in the upper right-hand corner and choose Subscriptions from the drop-down. This will present you with the company subscriptions to which you currently have been assigned as License Admin. Choose User Management from the left-hand navigation pane.


You are able to assign this role to others in one of two ways:

  1. Choose an existing user and grant them access to one or more of your licenses
  2. Add a new user with access to one or more of your licenses


How can I grant access to an existing user?

The user management page displays all of the users of the company. From this list, you may browse or search for users. Once you have found the user that should have access to your license, select them and assign the license as follows:


  1. Click the user in the row to select them.1 Select user in row@2x.png


  2. Choose the “Edit User” function (pencil) from the action bar at the top.
    2 Choose Edit user@2x.png


  3. Click the “License Admin” checkbox to enable it.3 Choose license@2x.png


  4. Click the drop-down to display all the licenses that you may assign.

  5. Choose 1 or more licenses by clicking the checkbox of each.

  6. Click the Save button.


The user will be granted access to the selected license(s). They will receive an email informing them of their access.


How can I add a new user with license access?

When viewing the user management listing, you can add a new user to the system and assign their license access.


  1. From the User Management page, click the “+” (Add User) button in the action bar at the top of the listing.4 Add user@2x.png


  2. Complete the basic information about this user.5 Assign role@2x.png


  • You are required to provide the user’s email address. 
  • The remaining information is optional and can be changed later if needed. 
  • Don’t worry if you don’t know the user’s first or last name: each individual will be required to provide that information when they complete their account profile.  


  1. Choose one or more license to assign to the new user. The License Admin role is automatically checked.  You must click the dropdown to select the licenses.
  2. Click the Save button to finish adding the user to your company’s account. 
  3. The newly added user will appear in the company listing page with a status of Pending.
  4. The individual will receive a welcome email with a link that will enable them to complete their profile and password. On completion, their account status will change to Active


See the How do I manage users as an Admin? article to learn more about the capabilities of AppDynamics Accounts user management.


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