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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

How do I change AppDynamics SaaS Controller alerts so they reflect my timezone?

By default, SaaS Controller alerts show the Controller's timezone, even if the recipient's timezone is different. This can add cognitive load for the recipient, as they read to determine when an event is happening.

This article discusses how to change SaaS Controller alert templates so that individual alert messages convert the SaaS Controller timezone to the recipient's timezone.

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How do I change the timezone for the SaaS Controller so I get alerts relevant to my timezone?

You can change the SaaS Controller timezone for alerts. 

By default, SaaS Controller alerts take the time stamp of the region where your Controller is deployed. However, the time zone can be edited within the email or HTTP template with a few lines of code. 

For example, to change the time from UTC to IST, which has a 5hr 30 min difference, here is a sample HTML email body:

#set ($date = ${action.triggerTime})

#set ($newDate = ${date.getHours()}+5)


#set ($newDateMin = ${date.getMinutes()}+30)


#set ($dateString =${date.toString()} )

#set ($replacedDateString=${dateString.replace('UTC','IST')})

Summary of events occurring during the ${policy.digestDurationInMins}+ minute(s) prior to ${replacedDateString}

#foreach($eventList in $clampedEventsByTypeMap.values()) 
#foreach($event in $eventList) 
New ${event.severity} Health Rule Violation

AppDynamics has detected a problem with application ${} in tier ${} and node ${}
#if (${latestEvent.healthRuleViolationEvent})
 ${} is violating.


How do I set up a policy schedule for a SaaS Controller?

When setting up a policy schedule for a SaaS Controller, base health rule schedule times on the Controller’s time zone.


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when we pull the ondemand reports in appdynamics what would be the time zone of the report generated would it be PST or our local browser time ?




AppDynamics Team

Hello Sriram, 


Ondemand Reports will be generated as per browser timezone. 





When I try the above HTML template, I am getting time zone in IST. Very Helpful for me.

But I am getting so much of space in the email Notification, where I set the variables in body.

Can anyone let me know, how to ignore the space in email notifications using Email Templates?



AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hello @Cheedella.Eswari , could you share a screenshot of your email? I will try to help you out.

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