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Where can I view my SaaS Service Status?



Visit and click on the Service Status button in the top right corner of the page (see below). Please note that you will need to be logged in to and be associated with a license to see details. If you don’t have access, contact your primary account admin, who can add you to the account following the steps outlined here: Manage Users and License Contacts for an AppDynamics Account


The pageThe page


What information is available?



This page includes details on your system status, uptime and downtime over the past 90 days, performance maintenance and scheduled upgrades, and SaaS incidence updates. If you have access to multiple SaaS licenses, you will see the status for each.


Example of the Service Status pageExample of the Service Status page


Why do I see the message, “It doesn’t look like you have any services assigned to your account, or you don’t have permission to access this page. Visit our Help Center for information on all AppDynamics products and services” when clicking on the Service Status button?



You will see this message if you are not associated with a license, which is necessary in order to have access to the Service Status page. You should reach out to your primary license contact and have them add you to the license contact list by following the steps outlined here. Once you are added to the license contact list, you will have access to information on the page.

No Information To Report.png 



In addition to the Service Status page, how can I find out about upcoming performance maintenance on my SaaS Controller?



The primary account admin is notified via email about maintenance activity before and after the activity is completed. Additional contacts will also receive maintenance and license notifications related to the SaaS Controller. For more information on the notification process, see AppDynamics SaaS Maintenance and Communications and How to receive notifications for the latest AppDynamics release.

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Is this available as an API as well?

Why can't I sign up for notifications? Or, why isn't the status history posted?

 @Bridget.Johnston the Status page requires a log in. Are you logged in and still unable to see status history? If you are not logged in, there will be no information provided on the page. 

I am logged in. This is what I see

AppD Support Status.PNG

Hi Bridget,


We see that you are not associated with any license till now. That's the reason you do not have access to this SaaS status page. Primary contact of the license can add you in license contact list by following the steps mentioned in this article Once you will get added in license contact list, you will be having access to the SaaS status page.




@matt_gravlin As of right now, we don't have API for SaaS status and will keep you posted on any further updates.


Please let us know for any clarification.

1. Can customers be automatically notified by AppDynamics when Downtime has been detected?

2. Can customers subscribe to an automated Service Availability report for daily, weekly, or monthly views?