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How do I manage License Contacts?

Table of Contents


Invite Users

Manage License Contacts

Associate an existing company user to the License Contact list

Manage a License Contact’s notifications

Remove User from License

What are the Different Notification Types?



License Primary Users (i.e. License Admins) can add invite users to their License Team (License Contact list) or remove them from the list on their account’s Subscription page. From this screen, they can also manage users’ licensing and maintenance notifications. Once a user has been added, they can see license usage data and manage other members of the License Team.


Note: This process is specifically for license/subscription management and is different from adding a user to your organization for Portal access. For instructions on that separate workflow, see: How do I manage Portal users (Admin access only)?


Invite Users

This feature is available to License Administrators on both self-service trials and paid customer accounts.


1. Log in to your account. Click on your name in the top right click Subscriptions.
Click Manage Users.png


2. For accounts with more than one license: Select a license to manage.
Select a license.png


3. Click Invite Team Members under the License Contacts section.

Invite Team Members #1.png

4. In the invitation box, enter the comma-separated email addresses for the users you want to add. Optionally, include a message and tick the notification types required for the users (you can change these later).



5. Click Invite. This sends out an invitation link to the email addresses indicated.


6. When the recipient clicks the invitation link, they will be registered to the account and taken to the Subscription page. If they do not have an existing Portal account, they will need to complete the Sign Up form, after which they are redirected to the license subscription page. If they already have a Portal account (e.g., an account from a previous self-service trial), they’ll be prompted to log in to their existing account. For more details on accepting an invite, click here.


7. To view a pending invite, select View Sent Invites. Once a recipient has accepted the invite and created their account, their status will change to “Accepted” and will appear in the list of License Contacts. Additionally, any user that accepts their invitation will be shown on the company user list, which is available to Company Admin users.
View Sent Invites.png


8. For auditing purposes, you can see a list of how a user was added by clicking License contacts history.


Manage License Contacts

The ability to manage License Contacts is available for enterprise License Primary Users and License Additional Users (License Contacts).

  1. Log in to your account and access your License Subscription page.
  2. Click Manage License Contacts under the License Contacts section. You have three options:
    1. Associate an existing company user to the License Contact list (Note: This feature is only available to license primary users, but is not available for accounts with a self-service license)
    2. Manage a License Contact’s notifications
    3. Remove a user from the License Contact list


Associate an existing company user to the License Contact list

You can associate an existing user from your company to the current license subscription. This means that the user already exists in your company and doesn’t need to be invited as a new user. You are simply associating that existing user to your License Contact list. You will only have this option if you are part of a paid AppDynamics account.


1. Click Manage License Contacts.

2. Click Associate existing contacts.

Associate existing contacts.png


3. In the window that opens, choose the contact(s) you want to associate.

4. (Optional) Select the notification settings for the user.

5. Click Save user(s).


Manage a License Contact’s notifications

From the Manage License Contact listing, check or uncheck the corresponding notification checkbox for the user.



Remove users from the License Contact list

To remove a user, click the Remove User link for the specific User. On the confirmation box, click OK.



What are the Different Notification Types?

There are two notification types:

  1. License Notification: If this is checked, the user will receive all notifications related to any license updates.
  2. Maintenance Notification: This is available only for a SaaS license. If checked, the user will receive all notifications related to the maintenance of the SaaS controller. 


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