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Java agent JDBC Connection Pool not showing


I am facing issue, in my Java agent application i couldn't find JDBC connection pool details there is only thread details available, anyone have any idea about this and how to resolve this issue?


Community Manager

Hello @Shubham.Wagdarkar,

I found this existing info. I'm not sure what Controller version you are on, so you may need to adjust the documentation to fit the right version #.

Please search the MBean Browser and see if you can find the metric:

If it is not visible in MBean Browser, then it means that the metric has not been exposed on the Spring Boot side. Can you see the metric in JConsole?

If you need another way besides Mbeam to get JDBC Connection pool metrics, you can try this.

For some frameworks, for example if you are using Tomcat, then the connection pools should be found by the default detection rules under DataSource if you are using org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.DataSource and set the flag jmxEnabled=true:

However, if you are not already seeing the metric then it is not at one of the locations where we would auto-detect it, and it would be necessary to find the metric in MBean Browser.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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