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Application Map Flow doesn't show outbound calls.



We have installed extensions (23.10.0 compatibile with for our Azure App Functions (.NET Core 6.0.24) to collect data and monitor them. The functions are collecting data and they are showing up as tiers in the Application Flow Map. The problem is that we cannot see the outbound connections that they are making and we would like to see them (arrows pointing to other services that are not monitored via appdynamics agents). The list of remote services is empty as well.

Automatic discovery is turned on in Backend Detection for each type, so it looks fine from controller's end.

We still have some old parts of the infrastructure monitored under a different AppDynamics Application and we can see an Azure App Service (JVM OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM 11.0.8) with an installed AppAgent (Server Agent that shows outbound connections without any extra settings in the controller (I have compared those for both AppDynamics applications). 

What is more interesting, in both situations, the Azure Function App from the new AppDynamics Application and the Azure App Service from the old AppDynamics application are making calls via HTTP to another, but the same Azure App Service and we can see those calls on the flow map for the old application. 

Are there some extra app agent settings/properties that should be set up for the outbound calls and more precise flow map to show up? Or what could be the reason for the remote services/outbound connections not showing up? (A flow map where we can see arrows pointing to other services that also show up in Remote Services in AppDynamics).

Please note that I looked through Backend detection/Remote Services and Flow map documentation as well as available topics on Cisco AppDynamics Community and I haven't found a solution to my problem. 

Best Regards


Community Manager

Hi @Marcin.Kluzek,

Just confirming your post is live. Let's see if the Community can jump in and help. You may also reach out to Support if the problem is urgent.



Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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