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Alert on Missing Linux Process


Alert on Missing Linux Process

Hi Team, 


I am new to AppD.


I am trying to set an alert whenever an important process on my Linux server stopped. E.g. in my Server -> Process view I can locate a class ( fcp_daemon). How can I set an alert if fcp_daemon is missing and I also need to auto-start this service automatically be AppD agent.


Thanks in advance 


Alert on Missing Linux Process
Community Manager

Re: Alert on Missing Linux Process

Hi Robert, 


I found this AppD Docs page that might provide some information on your question. Here is another URL that is linked to on the same page, but might get you closer to the information you are looking for. Let me know if this helps out or not. 

Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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Re: Alert on Missing Linux Process

There's an extension built directly for monitoring a process which you can find here:


There may be another way to do this, (but I haven't tested this myself) by setting up a "Servers" Heath Rule, where you choose a "Custom" metric, then browse down the metric browser > Hardware Resources > Process > (Processname)  then set an alert off cpu% or memory% equals 0 or "has no data" to trigger a policy and action.

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