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Database Monitoring - MS SQL Server

Database Monitoring - MS SQL Server



I am new to AppD tool, Apologies for any dumb questions ....

Need some help knowing whether the default list in the "Metric Browser" (Databases - Tab) is the only attributes thats available to Alert/monitor MS SQL Server ? 


If I wanted to add something like, under "MSSQL: Database Replica" for monitoring "Log send queue" or "Log apply pending queue" what is the process . As, I cannot see them under Metric browser list ! is this something we can add by anyway so its listed under Metric browser ? please guide . 




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Database Monitoring - MS SQL Server

Re: Database Monitoring - MS SQL Server

The Metric Browser isn't technically the only metrics you can browse on, I believe you can configure the custom metrics and if given the correct permissions in the Controller, the business data. The documentation for both are here:

and here:


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