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Python - Inject own CorrelationId non web-service

New Member

I have a distributed pipeline written mostly in Python that receives a CorrelationId provided from an upstream client call to an API.  This CorrelationId is passed along to each component in the processes, but not through a Request header each time as AppD seems to like it. How do I tell AppD to use the CorrelationId I have received as the GUID for transaction tracing across disparate components that I may or may not own?  

What I have Tried

Injecting the CorrelationId myself:

with"Dummy1", correlation_header=correlation_id) as bt:

This fails with: Message appdynamics.pb.ASyncRequest is missing required fields: btInfoReq.crossAppCorrelation.backendId

 When I remove `correlation_header`, AppD receives the transaction, but I can't tie it to another disparate process.