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custom widget builder

I'm creating a dashboard with custom widget builder, I haven't problem with this, but I notice that every day the graphics for all application that I have, stop graphing to 14:00 hrs until 20:00 hrs in that time between 14:00 and 20:00 hrs every day ...


HTML Date/Time Control not Working

On both the business transaction page and also on dashboards I am having a problem with the HTML date control in the upper right of the screen.My issue is that the time will not stick in the in the control. If I use the drop down to set it to, e.g., ...


Application Health

Hi, I have an application that is 2 tiers and all tiers are hosted on 2 nodes. We need to monitor the application's uptime and downtime. If the last 7 days the application is down in one day we need a percentage that says that the application is up 6...

Resolved! Node flow map explanation

Hello,I am looking at the attached node flow map. I am not sure why the node is grey. I am assuming no data? but both the node and the line to it show metrics. So how come the node is grey and calls per min/ response time show no data? If anyone know...

node Flow map.png

Show My Dashboards Only functionality broken

There  is a bug on the Custom Dashboards page with the functionality of the "Show My Dashboards Only" check box. The option either does not display the dashboards related or errors out.In earlier versions of the Controller, enabling this option would...

1 Pre-prod.png 2 Pre-prod.png 3 Prod.png 4 Prod.png

Custom Dashboard displaying dashes when there is no data

HiJust wanted to put this on the community in case other AppD users come across it and need a solution.ProblemWhen the Application has not data coming in for Errors per min or no load to have an Average Response time, (present in a lot of pre-prod ap...

Image 011.png Image 012.png Image 002.png