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HTML Date/Time Control not Working


On both the business transaction page and also on dashboards I am having a problem with the HTML date control in the upper right of the screen.

My issue is that the time will not stick in the in the control. If I use the drop down to set it to, e.g., 10 am, with will jump to 7 pm. If I set it to 6 pm, it might jump to 4 am.

I think if I let my sessions completely expire and then come back into the app, the control starts working again.

But usually every time while I am working it starts to get into the above messed up state, and I am unable to fix it and get the dates I want. It seems like a JavaScript error, but I think my personal session also might be retaining old dates or something like that. 

Developer tools is giving me a lot of these errors:

Error: [$rootScope:infdig]$rootScope/infdig?p0=10&p1=%5B%5B%7B%22msg%22%3A%22fn%3A%20functi...
at js-lib-body-concat.js?7927b71ebc99ebb4583e4909474ca133:7:426
at m.$digest (js-lib-body-concat.js?7927b71ebc99ebb4583e4909474ca133:146:243)
at m.$apply (js-lib-body-concat.js?7927b71ebc99ebb4583e4909474ca133:148:363)
at ViewUtil.safeApply (shared.webpack.min.js?7927b71ebc99ebb4583e4909474ca133:1:520742)
at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (MainAppModuleCode.webpack.min.js?7927b71ebc99ebb4583e4909474ca133:1:4740708)
at HTMLDocument.dispatch (js-lib-head-concat.js?7927b71ebc99ebb4583e4909474ca133:14:42571)
at v.handle (js-lib-head-concat.js?7927b71ebc99ebb4583e4909474ca133:14:40572)
at e.invokeTask (js-lib-head-concat.js?7927b71ebc99ebb4583e4909474ca133:11:24058)
at Object.onInvokeTask (vendor.js?7927b71ebc99ebb4583e4909474ca133:1:5774148)
at e.invokeTask (js-lib-head-concat.js?7927b71ebc99ebb4583e4909474ca133:11:23979)BugInDateControls.png



My question about the above ii: Is it a known bug?  Anyway to fix it?

Community Manager

Hi @Charles.Morrison,

Since the community did not chime in and since you think this is a bug. I would report this to Support.

How do I submit a Support ticket? An FAQ 

If you could followup on this post with any learnings from support, that would be helpful. 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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AppDynamics Team

Hi @Charles.Morrison , I attempted to reproduce this issue in Chrome browser at my end, but it worked fine. Could you please try again and let us know if the problem persists? Is this happening only in Microsoft Edge or in other browsers as well?