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Java auto detected servlet transactions are masked with "Not Found" business transaction


Hi Guys,

I met a strange issue in my on-premise environment.  At the beginning, it appeared to be missing link between the API gateway tier and the HTTP API server tier on the flow map, and no BT is shown for the API server tier.  Both tiers are java applications.  

I tried to peek with live preview, and seemed the agent for HTTP API server is working just fine, sending auto-detected transactions back to controller. But all of them are masked by a strange "Business Transaction: Not found (id 124)". 


I feel this might be the reason preventing BTs of API server tier being shown. Can anyone shed me some light on this? How to dismiss such "ghost" BT?  Thanks very much.


In case env information is needed:

AppDynamics Controller build 23.4.0-10019, running on RHEL 7.9.

Java agent :Server Agent # v23.6.0 GA compatible with r8e3a55588eed933a4f6bb44c4dec9edc8c25073f release/23.6.0 



Hi Lynn

Please check 2 things

1. Check if you possibly excluded the Business Transaction in the Business Transaction view, by clicking on "View Excluded Business Transactions".

2. Under Transaction detection, check if you possibly have a BT Detection rule which excludes the BT from being discovered again

Also can you confirm if you can see this endpoint under Service Endpoints?


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Hi Mario,

Thanks for the reply.  This issue disappeared after I restarted the controller and all related agents.

My recall of how this situation came:

These auto-discovered BTs of HTTP API server tier used to be masked by an entrypoint BT of the API gateway tier, which is the id=124 BT. After I added a POJO rule to separate the entry point BT into several more meaningful BTs, I DID exclude and delete the original entry point BT. 

But I still don't understand why the agent continued to hold the context of id=124 BT even after.  Is this just a coincidence? Or what is the proper way to exclude the original upstream BT after adding new detection rules?

Thanks very much!