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How can I access availability status of synthetic jobs via REST API?


Have a need to query AppDynamic controller via REST API.  Looking specifically for retrieving the most recent availability status of one or more Synthetic request Jobs.  Unclear how one might do that from existing documentation...




Going to post a response to my own query here, in case this helps anyone else.


Have not found a mechanism of querying the status of synthentic jobs via REST API, but what we have been able to do is:


Define a Policy for the job(s)

Use the "Alerts and Respond API" ( to query for Events using an event-type of POLICY_OPEN_CRITICAL,POLICY_CLOSE_CRITICAL


One downside is a Policy must have an Action associated with it.  Our controller is SaaS, so our options to use custom actions is limited, we ended up defining a Email action and post the email to a "Black-hole" mailbox.


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