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Resolved! DatabaseAgent(MongoDB) Collector time out

I have manged to run the database agent from an EC2 instance on aws. The SaaS platform shows the agent.   But on creating the collector I keep on getting a time out.   The log is as follows:: [Redacted]     ^ Post edited by @Ryan.Paredez to remove l...


REST API access 401 error

I am trying to access appdynamics rest api using curl i get 401 unauthorized    provided the right user which I created on AppD.   user1@customer1:secret   but doesn't work   Controller URL :

Auto Diagnostics

Hi,   I'm looking out for an Auto diagnostics options in APPD. Is it possible to automate the things if we're facing issues in configured application?   EX: If there is an problem with application, can we deploy the remedy steps to follow an automate...

Resolved! 401 unauthorized in Rest Api

Hi Team,   I just created an appdynamics trial account and create a saas controller. when I call a GET to list applications it shows unauthorized 401 as response status.   i used postman as my rest-client   URL = https://baseball201801292052283.saas....

HTTP Request

Hi, I'm trying to create an HTTP request to post a triggered APPD event to our internal ITSM tool which will create an Incident ticket and send out to an appropriate team. So I've got an endpoint URL and JSON content to post data. I tried testing in ...