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Re: AppDynamics CMDB Sync with Service Now troubleshooting questions

AppDynamics Team

Hi Alex,


1. What should we expect to get in the first place? Is the integration supposed to push everything necessary to create Service/Application maps in ServiceNow or is there manual configuration necessary as well?

Answer: There is no manual configuration step involved here. Can you elaborate where exactly is the issue here?


2. Are there any documents or guidelines for troubleshooting issues with the integration? From the UI it says the syncronization for all items is successful.

Answer: Please send us the logs by following the Troubleshooting section on the integration page to troubleshoot further.


If possible, please create a helpdesk ticket by emailing to with all the configs and logs, that way it is easier to track the issue.





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Thanks for the reply. I managed to set up the integration on another combination of ServiceNow instance and AppDynamics controller and I saw what it should look like.

I forgot to mention - the instances where we observe the issue are both on-premise (the AppD controller and SN instance). AppD support provided us with an update set in order to deploy the integration locally. The update set was missing some identification rules that come with the store application. I suppose it is possible that there is something else missing as well. We will check and will follow-up with a support ticket if needed.


Best regards,