Controller (SaaS, On Premises)
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Unable to download Agent installer - PHP

  With regards to the application monitor I'm unable to download the PHP monitor from AppDynamics wizard without receiving an error message.    I've found this alternate URL to download. However unfortunately this did...

Enable/disable agent collection

Hi,   We would like to build an docker image with all required application agent on the image.  Once we run the container, my questions are followings: 1. If agent is running without valid license, will the agent continue collecting data?  2  Can we ...

Unable to install Event Service

Hello All,   Please I'm new to this application.   Currently setting up a POC for a prospective client in Nigeria, but installing enterprise console and controller. The event service comes up with this error.  "ERROR [2018-04-13 17:42:18,208]

metrics on flowmap

Hi , I've a query on flowmap metrics of an particular Business transaction call. I've attached document in detail. Could someone please advise on this. Regards, Soundarajan

ssl setting

i have installed controller successfully not sure in http/https. my application is in https so now how can i change it to https and how do i connect java jboss agent in linux with https port.