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Monitoring a controller using the internal monitoring agent

AppDynamics Team

There is an internal agent built into the AppDynamics controller.

It is accessed as follows:


  1. Logout from the controller
  2. Launch the following URL and login with the following credentials
    • <Controller_url>:8090/controller?enableAccounts=true
    • Account = system 
    • Username = root 
    • Password = <root_user_password> 

Can anybody explain how this agent can be configured i.e. if the Account: System - Application flow map is blank?


On-premise (AWS)] 


AppDynamics Team

Hi John,


By default internal agent is configured to my understanding and the related entry is in domain.xml at path <Controller_install_dir>/appserver/glassfish/domains/domain1/config/ path like below under xml section <config name="server-config"> and the path of agent directory is <Controller_install_dir>/appserver/glassfish/domains/domain1/appagent/ and it is auto filled with config details during installation of controller itself.




Regarding no load on flow map query: We see it could be that either agent have reporting issue OR transaction config for Servlet/ EJB/ auto discovery entries are disabled, Can you check below:


1) Under Configure -> Instrumentation -> Transacion detection screen, check if "app server" tier have Servlet and EJB both entry and auto discovery checkbox section are enabled, if using new config 2.0 view, edit "java auto discovery rule" and check above entry settings and enable checkbox if not enabed in UI and see how it goes. (refer sample section we are referring in attached view)


2) If 1) does not help share agent node logs folder for our review in this post we will suggest next steps, That is attach logs folder from <Controller_install_dir>/appserver/glassfish/domains/domain1/appagent/ <ver>/logs/Node1/ path





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I saw that this could be my problem in one of the Controller installations as the agent is reporting but the flow map isn't showing. I checked and saw the EJB was not checked. However, enabling the EJB monitoring results in an error which is strange as being logged on as root. see error below.


I wanted to know if this is normal that the root account cant modify the transaction detection rule if not what could have caused this?




^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez to add additional details from Chidi