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Resolved! Manipulate datetime in Alert Template

Hi there Does anyone have a way to manipulate the time in an alert template. It'showing the event time in UTC time, not in the customer's time We have SaaS Controllers which are in Europe however the customer is in a different timezone, however from ...

Extension reporting frequency

Hi,   There is a unique requirement for URL monitoring which is to monitor if a particular URL is down or not for every 5 secs and report immediately if it is down. Now the URL monitoring extension I am using is scheduled to run every 5 secs but the ...

Resolved! Disable TLS 1.1 in Reporting Server

Greetings, I need to disable TLSv1.1 from our setup. I was able to follow the documentation about doing so for the Controller server. However, there seem to be no reference for the reporting service.  I need your help to guide me on how to disable it...

Resolved! Rest Api CallPerMin and Name

Hello ,I have 2 questions about Appdynamics.1. I want to get the following definitions with api and then open an automatic ticket for servicenow application. But I can't get the result I want with api. How can I get the definitions here? If there are...

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Daily Checks for AppD Environment

Hi,   First post here as not used the community before.   Can I ask if anyone has implemented any kind of daily checks that are done in the mornings to confirm AppDynamics is online \ working as expected and available?   Interested to know what check...