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Custom time range showing data for different date/time


I'm struggling to make the custom time range work. I need to filter issues based on specific past date/time. But whatever I define in the custom time selector, its showing a previous date/time not related to what I have selected. Has anyone has this issue? I tried creating custom time range, but when I save its changing my time to a different time. 


Could it be due to time zone? Appreciate if anyone can advise how I can resolve this?








Are you using a SaaS Controller?


In what timezone are you currently? And what timezone did you select in AppDynamics in Profile settings?

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I'm working temporarily in GMT-4 hours zone but my system is set to GMT-6 hours. In my preference also I have selected GMT-6. After I changed my preference to GMT-4 but still same issue. I'm not sure whether its using my pref time zone or system time zone or actual physical location time. However in any case, I think it is always deducting X hours (assuming time zone is GMT-X) from the selected time.  

I had the same issue and was able to figure it out this morning.  Go to your preferences and select the option "(Your Local Time Zone)" instead of picking the actual time zone.  This will use the time zone from your Computer Browser automatically and will allow you to select a custom time range.  Not sure why it doesn't work if you specify your timezone within AppD.



Thanks @timentz you are great.